Wednesday, 30 September 2009

More Gold Chains

I think I over did it this time with the gold chain. One more and I will have a collection that could rival Mr. T's.

I can't wait for the arrival of some brass materials I ordered from Winter Rose Designs courtesy of Etsy.
I went vintage Victorian mad when Jason's sister-in-law suggested pieces inspired by the Anne Boleyn's "B" necklace (now popularised by Ugly Betty). Shall I do a necklace with a "C" / "CM"?

Where are my jewellery bits, Mr. Postman! Creative juices just don't flow, yah know! x

CeeMae Mood: US Fall shows - Family Guy, Rachel Zoe, Desperate Housewives and Melrose Place (lovin'!)

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

More Pics

From another Photoshop lesson.

Monday, 14 September 2009


Been out of town for 4 days on a trip to sunny Wales and Colchester. Loved it!! Back now to cold and dim (but oh so familiar) Brighton. Stayed indoors to recharge and get creative.

Bracelet - gold-plated chain and lots of charms. The key charms were pendants from an old necklace. The brass bits are my absolute favourites - I always buy a few on every trip to the bead shop. I have used them in my last 3 pieces. The small chains make it a bit more modern.

CeeMae Mood : Ugly Betty reruns, cups of tea, blue pj's in puppy prints and bedhead all day. x

Thursday, 10 September 2009

James Jean

I came to know this talented artist last year when Jason asked me what fashion season it was. Like, HELLOOO... Spring 2008!

Bear in mind his interest in fashion magazines consists of looking at the pages upside down from the opposite side of table when he is finishing his cappuccino while I go through Vogue AND Elle (minimum number of pages: 800) like a mad woman.

His fave artist James Jeam has teamed up with Prada for their Spring 2008 collection NOTCOT.

Now that I'm starting to love colour, this picture says it all!

Absolutely divine......

Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Had a crash course in Photoshop (free!). I can't believe the difference from an ordinary digital camera... well in my case, a 3.2 mega pixel Blackberry camera phone. My flat gets really bad light and shadows even during the day so it's quite good I have something more than your average contrast and colour options.

This weekend I focused more on getting some really good photographs of my work. I experimented with different backgrounds and bought a lavender gift wrapping sheet made out of recycled paper. I also started snooping around Jason's art things. I came across pieces he is saving (or left overs???) for a future (past???) project. He pasted pieces of newspaper print on wood, covered it with dye and gold spray paint and drips (graffiti lingo...) and glued pages from a calligraphy book.

First I thought it looked busy with all that writing on the background but it turned out pretty good! x

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Channeling Granny Chic

At a risk of pink overload, here is my latest work. Think china porcelain tea cups, lace and French balconies. Romantic.

Cake.Coffee. New backgroud.

I have changed my page background with a hint of pink. The last one actually gave me a headache after a few views. Bin it!

It pays to have a boyfriend with super-combined computer and artistic skills. Payment consists of a big slice of cake and a cup of joe.