Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Had a crash course in Photoshop (free!). I can't believe the difference from an ordinary digital camera... well in my case, a 3.2 mega pixel Blackberry camera phone. My flat gets really bad light and shadows even during the day so it's quite good I have something more than your average contrast and colour options.

This weekend I focused more on getting some really good photographs of my work. I experimented with different backgrounds and bought a lavender gift wrapping sheet made out of recycled paper. I also started snooping around Jason's art things. I came across pieces he is saving (or left overs???) for a future (past???) project. He pasted pieces of newspaper print on wood, covered it with dye and gold spray paint and drips (graffiti lingo...) and glued pages from a calligraphy book.

First I thought it looked busy with all that writing on the background but it turned out pretty good! x

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