Sunday, 29 November 2009

Nothing's Stopping Me From Scrapping

Despite feeling under the weather today, I managed to distract myself from the aches and pains of the flu, by scrapping. I got to apply a paper flower embossing technique by Velma and this time I have more stuff to play with.

Mini Envelopes

I made several envelopes a week ago but somehow the project didn't get my creative juices flowing. I went back to it several times this week and it's very BLAH. Even looking at it here in my blog makes me go BLEGH.

I'll set these aside for now and hopefully I will get some sort of use for them in the future.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Craft Fair Jems

No rain nor wind could make me miss the Brighton Craft Fair today. It's only on for 3 days (20, 21 and 22 Nov) so I thought I'd check it out for kicks. There were lots of stalls dedicated to arts and crafts. I must admit I felt (and looked!) like a fish out of water within the first 15 minutes of getting there. The last thing on my mind was to look for gift options and I was prepared to be blown away.

Well, there were definitely lots of shiny pretty things and interesting mediums. Jewellery designers dominated the scene with some really unconventional work. What caught my eye was fabric art by a nice lady named Seiwa Cunningham. Check out her website and you'll see. In my newbie term, she does fabric collage/scrapbook.

Where do I now find the time to look for tutorials? I might have to squeeze them between scrapbooking and reading "The Lost Symbol".

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Pocket Album

This is my first completed scrapbook ever. I found a link on the tutorial from steffogal1's blog. Starting small increases the chances of completion, especially for someone like me who gets insanely focused on completion and does not believe in procrastination (except for the boring bits in life - dishes and laundry).

On one intense discussions on art, I came to realise that being creative is mostly about the journey and discovery.... that it is ok NOT to plan every detail and for it NOT to make sense.... AT ALL..

So here it is! A pocket scrapbook made up of bits, both old and new, paper, metal, plastic, feather and fabric...

Have a nice cozy Tuesday!

Scrapping Week

(photo credit)

I've had a few days off work and looked forward to a week of serious scrapping. That means, I can make as much mess as I can without the chore of putting it all back. Yey! I was designated a small (and I mean tinny) area for my "craps" (as my lovely partner in crime likes to put it).

I started the week with a the biggest scrap haul I've done within the Brighton area. There were a few discoveries, like I know it's worth visiting Clarke's, WHSmith and British Bookstores every week for new items and sales. I still think Brighton needs a proper scrapbook store. I looked on line and the nearest store is at the furthest part of Sussex.

I find it amusing that when I hit town I no longer charge into clothing stores, especially if there is a massive SALE sign on the window. Instead, I power-walked my way into stationery shops and browse the paper section, feeling delightfully at home with pre-teens nagging their moms for glitter and ribbons and middle-aged women on their next card-making haul.

The scrap pages below are from a chipboard page I split into two. I'm still mastering the skill of eyelet setting. I'm sure my neighbours do not appreciate the hammering, try as I might to do it with some sort of rhythm.


Sunday, 1 November 2009