Friday, 4 December 2009

Bluemoon Scrapbooking haul

My first Bluemoon Scrapbooking haul.

On my days off, my get -up could rival a hobo. Pajamas in puppy prints, brown socks, pink slippers, jumper riddled with stains and a Pebbles Flintstone hair. I don't have to care - it's my day off. The polished business woman 5 days a week is forgotten and reduced to a TV/Internet drone/slob.

So anyway, I'm in my fashion choice of the day when the door buzzed. I ran to grab my dressing gown from across the hall and answered the door. A big box was handed to me by a disgruntled man who was rightly annoyed because it took me ages to answer the door. If I had more time, I would have gargled mouthwash and put a decent face on.

I first took a picture of the box with my name on it (how sad is that!), opened the box and found some lovely goodies. I thought of taking a video like a professional scrapbook person so I could post and share to my ONE follower (thank you for your support, baby ko. I will cook your favourite food always). I can't seem to manage to save the 2 videos I made. I kept on putting the stuff in and out of the box while the annoying red flashing on my Blackberry does not make sense and won't stop (is it recording yet??).

I will try again but for now, this is all I can show off. I may have to set it up properly, otherwise one will hear a mixture of an Ugly Betty episode, traffic and washing machine.


Stephanie said...

Hey there!!! First, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving super sweet comments!! and now for the second thing, ready..
OK ..WOMAN you are super talented!! I loved exploring your blog and seeing all your treasures you are creating!! You commented on my blog that you hope to be as talented... HA!!! YOU ARE !! YOU ARE!!! :)
I love LOVE your little pocket card you made - GORGEOUS!!! and your envelop mini that your not so loving.. well I love it! DON'T GIVE UP ON IT..just ADD a bit to it, assemble it... play with it...!! it WILL come together for you!! NO WORRIES IT ROCKS!!
with a grin, ( I am a your 1st subscriber!!! )

Anonymous said...

HOW have I missed your blog??? Thank you so much for the comments you left for me! I'm so flattered to have someone sooooooo talented read my blog! I love your creations and have seen so many ideas already. I'm off to explore the rest of it :)

Louise xx