Monday, 19 April 2010

Video Demo (lition)

How I've missed crafting!!

This is what y'all get when I have had no proper days off in 2 weeks - 2 blog posts, 2 videos, 1 mini, 2 tags and a video demo! :) It's like being on diet and finally I get to eat a bucket of KFC.

I'm still new to YouTube and still don't know much about my camera to get a good quality clip. No partners assigned for the tag swap yet but thought I'd get ahead before real life gets in the way. Since the sun is up by 5am nowadays, I started experimenting on tags and came up with what I'd like to do for the April swap. Not only did I complete 4 tags (I will add more once I know how many partners I have), I was able to film myself TWICE making them - all in one day.

The finished one (more like the most decent!) is ok but I think I'd go visit my camera's manual to find out why my videos are coming out quite grainy. Also I need to find a better way of positioning the tripod.

For those YouTube veterans, have you got any tips? x


Snippety Giblets said...

Wow !! I LOVE your vids !! They are excellent. It looks so complex and it's fascinating to watch it take shape . Love Cas' present too. You're so clever !!
Poppy xx

The Traveller said...

Hi the talented Lady!! I wish I'm a psychic, MUAHAHAHA!! :P Your tags are beautiful.. Thank you so much for making this video to share with us!! Its so inspiring!! I have the same stamp set for awhile but haven't even used it. Can I scraplift!!! :)
I predict more videos on its way!! :D
Connie ^^