Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Scrapping Week

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I've had a few days off work and looked forward to a week of serious scrapping. That means, I can make as much mess as I can without the chore of putting it all back. Yey! I was designated a small (and I mean tinny) area for my "craps" (as my lovely partner in crime likes to put it).

I started the week with a the biggest scrap haul I've done within the Brighton area. There were a few discoveries, like I know it's worth visiting Clarke's, WHSmith and British Bookstores every week for new items and sales. I still think Brighton needs a proper scrapbook store. I looked on line and the nearest store is at the furthest part of Sussex.

I find it amusing that when I hit town I no longer charge into clothing stores, especially if there is a massive SALE sign on the window. Instead, I power-walked my way into stationery shops and browse the paper section, feeling delightfully at home with pre-teens nagging their moms for glitter and ribbons and middle-aged women on their next card-making haul.

The scrap pages below are from a chipboard page I split into two. I'm still mastering the skill of eyelet setting. I'm sure my neighbours do not appreciate the hammering, try as I might to do it with some sort of rhythm.


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