Sunday, 22 November 2009

Craft Fair Jems

No rain nor wind could make me miss the Brighton Craft Fair today. It's only on for 3 days (20, 21 and 22 Nov) so I thought I'd check it out for kicks. There were lots of stalls dedicated to arts and crafts. I must admit I felt (and looked!) like a fish out of water within the first 15 minutes of getting there. The last thing on my mind was to look for gift options and I was prepared to be blown away.

Well, there were definitely lots of shiny pretty things and interesting mediums. Jewellery designers dominated the scene with some really unconventional work. What caught my eye was fabric art by a nice lady named Seiwa Cunningham. Check out her website and you'll see. In my newbie term, she does fabric collage/scrapbook.

Where do I now find the time to look for tutorials? I might have to squeeze them between scrapbooking and reading "The Lost Symbol".

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