Friday, 8 January 2010

Itchy Sneaky Peaky

If you are lucky enough to know me in real life, you will say I am rubbish at surprises, gift-giving and anything that involve patiently waiting for something when it is THERE and for some reason I can't have it.

Best example is Christmas time. I will whine, bitch and pester anyone who gives me a gift and tells me I CAN'T open it until Christmas Day. My rationale? Why Not? It's got my name on it! And so, Christmas tags on gifts will say "Do not open until Christmas".

In the past few weeks, I've been making my first album ever. I originally planned to finish it first before posting pictures but I've been spending so much time at work, I scrap one day a week at the most.

So true to my nature and the fact I'm a big spoiler even on myself, here's a sneak peak .... Anyway, sharing is caring, right?
I made the tags using the technique in this tutorial by weeziechk
She is sooo talented and she is so generous to share her work and techniques.

I hope to finish the rest of the album soon.

For now, enjoy !

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The Traveller said...

Wow!! CeeMae!! you are a true scrapper!! Everything here are so beautiful!! Those tags & pages are gorgeous!! So inspiring!! Can't wait to see the rest of it!! You are very talented!! and weezie is very talented too!! :D
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!