Monday, 18 January 2010

Mini Album Delight

My first completed mini !

I had so much fun making it and used all the techniques I've learned from lovely generous ladies who share their love of scrapbooking. You know who you are! Thank you so much.

Making the video was a riot! Between wobbly filming and deciding on whether I should put in my fave cheesy tunes (risking getting it pulled out because of CI), I was able to produce a decent clip with an interesting track in the background. It was posted in You Tube last night and had my first comment this morning. How cool was that?

Enjoy! :)


Carol said...

Fantastic album, really enjoyed the video,

The Traveller said...

Wow!! can't believe this is your first mini, its so gorgeous!! you are very very talented. Love all the pockets and tags, every thing in this mini is so perfect!!! Great job!! Hope to see more!!
Guess this is the reason for getting up so early yesterday!! Haha!!Too excited!! :D

Natalie said...

You made a very nice and beautiful mini with a ton of fabulous Tags,
I am sure your Tag for a swap would be very awesome,
nice to meet you,
warm hugs

Ayelet {Jenny} said...

OMG! this mini is stunning and all the tags are so beautiful!! whos the music by? Love it. The mini is P E R F E C T :-) X