Friday, 2 October 2009

Faking a British Accent

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Today marks my 5th year in ye ole Great Britain. Sure I now swear like a builder and my english grammar has actually gone worse but this little princess has found her place.

I remember watching "The Full Monty" and not understanding this strange accent very different from the uppety stereotype. The second time I saw it I didn't have to sit so close to the TV.

What I love about the UK:

1. Weather. Much to the bewildered amusement of many.

2. Humour. I only got it after seeing Russell Brand and a few episodes of Shooting Stars.

3. Scotland. Raved about the place. Been there twice. Think I was a Scottish wee bonnie lass in a previous life.

4. Gordon Ramsay. If only I have the same pair of .....

5. You don't have to conform. I've never felt so free.

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